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The following reports are analyses of online job ads using data from the Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® (HWOL) data series. These reports are produced monthly using "real-time" information pertaining to JobsOhio regions, various occupations, and internships. They are a snapshot of one aspect of the labor market and should be used in conjunction with other tools found on the virtual OhioMeansJobs tool.

HWOL® reports from previous months can also be accessed using the "Analyses of Online Job Ads" tool.

HWOL® Snapshots Occupational Detail Reports Internship Ads Reports
Statewide   Statewide     Statewide  
Southwest   Southwest     Southwest  
 Northeast    Northeast     Northeast  
Central   Central    Central  
 West   West    West  
Southeast   Southeast    Southeast  
Northwest   Northwest    Northwest   In-Demand Occupations   Did You Know?   Workforce Professionals