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May 6-10 is In-Demand Jobs Week

Join Ohio in a statewide celebration of in-demand jobs!

In Demand Jobs Week is a statewide celebration of jobs, industries and skills that are in-demand* in Ohio. In-Demand Jobs Week occurs during the first full week in May - this year, May 6-10, 2019. Community leaders statewide are encouraged to partner to plan engaging events and activities that will inspire excitement and awareness among students and jobs seekers.

What does In-Demand Jobs Week mean for you?


In-Demand Jobs Week is an opportunity to learn more through local events and activities about the rewarding and high-demand careers available in your region. View Ohio's 200+ In-Demand Occupations!


In-Demand Jobs Week is an opportunity to inspire students by focusing on in-demand careers and pathways in the classroom and beyond.
In-Demand Jobs Week: Guide for Educators


In-Demand Jobs Week is an opportunity to open your doors to students and job seekers to increase interest in local jobs and build a talent pipeline.
In-Demand Jobs Week: Guide for Businesses and Workforce Professionals


In-Demand Jobs Week is an opportunity to identify like-minded stakeholders to partner, plan events and increase awareness about jobs available in the community.

Resources to plan an event:

  • Social Media Tools
  • EXAMPLE: Learn how Columbus State Community College planned an educator bus tour of businesses in the region!
  • Business-Education Partner Search Map: Business and educational organizations can use this map to find potential local partners that might be interested in cohosting events. Press the Control key and scroll to zoom in on your area and find school districts, chambers of commerce, workforce development boards and higher education institutions near you.

event mapEvent Map

Use this map to find In-Demand Jobs Week events near you! Events are divided into four categories: (1) For Schools, (2) Open to the Public, (3) Invitation-Only, (4) Registration Only. Click the red checkboxes to filter your search.

The list of In-Demand Jobs Week Events is growing! If you don't see your event on the map, email with the details.

The students icon indicates an event for schools, the circle icon indicates an event open to the public, the envelope icon indicates an invitation only event, and the rectangle icon indicates a registration only event.

Visit the In-Demand Jobs Week Facebook page to find an event near you!

Access Free ToolsAccess free tools to prepare for In-Demand Jobs Week!

*Ohio's In-Demand Jobs List was developed using labor market information, job postings on, JobsOhio regional forecasts and employer forecasts. For more information, click here.