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 Construct, erect, install, or repair structures and fixtures made of wood, such as concrete forms; building frameworks, including partitions, joists, studding, and rafters; and wood stairways, window and door frames, and hardwood floors. May also install cabinets, siding, drywall and batt or roll insulation. Includes brattice builders who build doors or brattices (ventilation walls or partitions) in underground passageways.

This ONet occupational category includes the apprenticeship occupation(s) listed below.  For each occupation, the table links you to details about one or more Registered Apprenticeship program(s) in Ohio.


Sponsor  City  County  
The University of Akron  AkronSummit
Schnippel Construction, Inc  BotkinsShelby
Associated Builders & Contractors - Northern Ohio Chapter  Broadview HtsCuyahoga
Allied Construction Industries  CincinnatiHamilton
Messer Construction Company  CincinnatiHamilton
Mast Construction LLC  ClaytonMontgomery
ABC Inc Central Ohio  ColumbusFranklin
Carpenters JATC, South Central Ohio District  ColumbusFranklin
Miami Valley Career Technology Center    EnglewoodMontgomery
Anchor Hocking Glass Co  LancasterFairfield
Cleveland Construction, Inc  MentorLake
Carpenters JATC, Southwest Ohio  MonroeButler
Robertson Construction  NewarkLicking
Carpenters JATC, Northeast Ohio  RichfieldSummit
Carpenters JATC, Northwest Ohio  RossfordWood
ABC Inc, SW Chapter  SpringboroWarren
Corna Kokosing  WestervilleFranklin
Community First Partnerships & Bbd, Inc  YoungstownMahoning
Insulation Worker  
Associated Builders & Contractors - Northern Ohio Chapter  Broadview HtsCuyahoga
Insulators JAC, Cincinnati Area LU 8  CincinnatiHamilton
Thermal Insulation Inc  CirclevillePickaway
Insulation Workers JATC, Cleveland LU 3  ClevelandCuyahoga
ABC Inc Central Ohio  ColumbusFranklin
Contractors Assoc. of Heat & Frost Insulators JATC  DaytonGreene
Insulators JATC, Kent LU 84  KentPortage
ABC Inc, SW Chapter  SpringboroWarren
Insulators JAC, Toledo Area LU 45  ToledoLucas