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Install or repair cables or wires used in electrical power or distribution systems. May erect poles and light or heavy duty transmission towers.

This ONet occupational category includes the apprenticeship occupation(s) listed below.  For each occupation, the table links you to details about one or more Registered Apprenticeship program(s) in Ohio.

Sponsor  City  County  
Cable Splicer
Duke EnergyCincinnatiHamilton
Cleveland Public PowerClevelandCuyahoga
Line Erector  
Logan County Cooperative Power and Light AssnBellefontaineLogan
North Western Electric Co-OpBryan Williams
Vaughn IndustriesCareyWyandot
Village of CareyCareyWyandot
Fireland Electric CooperativeNew LondonHuron
Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, IncOxfordButler
Midwest Electric, IncSt MarysAuglaize
City of Westerville Ohio Electric IWestervilleFranklin
Line Maintainer  
Duke EnergyCincinnatiHamilton
Cleveland Public PowerClevelandCuyahoga
Village of EdgertonEdgertonWilliams
City of GalionGalionCrawford
Village of GraftonGraftonLorain
City of HudsonHudsonSummit
Union Rural Electric CooperativeMarysvilleUnion
City of Painesville Electric Light DistributionPainesvilleLake
Piqua Power CoPiquaMiami
Village of WellingtonWellingtonLorain