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Federal trade programs offer a variety of benefits and services for workers who become unemployed because of increased imports from, or shifts in work to, foreign countries.

Potential benefits include:

• Career counseling
• Skills testing and training (if necessary)
• Job search allowances
• Relocation allowances
• Wage supplement for individuals 50 years and older
• Tax credits to provide health coverage 
• Weekly allowances to assist you in returning to the workforce

If you are part of a Trade-eligible work group, click on any of the links below for more information.

Are you part of a Trade-eligible workgroup? Click here.
Are you 50 or older? Click here.
Are you interviewing for jobs more than 15 miles away? Click here.
Are you planning to move to accept a new job? Click here.
Do you need help paying health insurance? Click here.
Do you need training to find a new job? Click here.

If you have questions concerning your Trade eligibility, please email or call 1-888-296-7541.

  Did we send you a letter?

Determining your eligibility for these benefits requires that you view a Benefit Rights Information Session. You can do this online. If you received a letter regarding your potential eligibility, click here.

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