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BWC Resources


Are you an employer looking to fill an immediate need in your workforce?

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation offers financial incentives to employers who hire workers in a vocational rehabilitation plan who cannot return to their previous job because of workplace injury or occupational disease.
Click here to learn more about an employer incentive contract for on-the-job training; tools and equipment, and work trial.

If you have questions or need more information, contact:

    Kimberly Kremer - Rehabilitation Policy
    Phone: 614-644-8352

If you have an injured worker whom you want to get back into your workforce, BWC offers several return-to-work options.

Click here to learn more about modified duty, including transitional work, job modification and gradual return to work.  

In fact, we also offer financial incentives to establish and/or use a transitional work program in your business. Learn more about Transitional Work Grants and Transitional Work Bonus programs.

Finally, your workers’ comp premiums cover the costs for a variety of services, programs and resources. Some are listed below.

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