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In-Demand Occupations by Region
The reports below present detailed data for the 229 in-demand occupations for each JobsOhio region and for the state overall. These reports feature the number of forecasted jobs by occupation in each respective JobsOhio region, the number of forecasted jobs by occupation in the state, and the regional percentage share of forecasted jobs by occupation. They also display typical education required for entry, OhioMeansJobs trend data, and labor market information projections and employment statistics for each occupation.


Regional In-Demand Occupations  


 TJ All Regions   BE All Regions


TJ Southwest   BE Southwest   Regional Profile


TJ Northeast   BE Northeast Regional Profile


TJ Central   BE Central   Regional Profile


TJ West   BE West   Regional Profile


TJ Southeast BE Southeast   Regional Profile


TJ Northwest   BE Northwest   Regional Profile

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