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Reentry Resources

The Offender Network for Employment to STOP Recidivism (O.N.E.-STOP Program) prepares incarcerated individuals for employment by enabling them to search for jobs, plan their career paths, and post their resumes in a secure database for review by approved employers as explained in our video overview.  Upon release, the restored citizen's information automatically transfers to an user account.


View our Reentry Workforce Training Series for recorded webinars describing these resources and other topics.


Other services that help restored citizens remove barriers to employment include:

A resource for restored citizens to explore their career options, access training, and find a job

A process to lift legal barriers that prevent restored citizens from entering certain careers   

A how-to guide on sealing the information that describes one's criminal history

A recent article by WOSU public media  discusses how to seal criminal records and apply for a CQE.   

Employers may use the following resources to meet their talent needs by hiring restored citizens:

Gain access to resumes posted by incarcerated and restored citizens as described in our video overview

Reduce your organization's tax burden as a reward for hiring restored citizens

Free insurance protects employers from certain losses that may result from hiring restored citizens as explained in the brochure

How to recruit, screen, and hire restored citizens in compliance with relevant civil rights laws


A 2019 report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce describes innovative approaches employers are using to tap into the restored citizen population as a source of new labor.


Other online resources help restored citizens return to the workforce and society, including:



Last updated: 5/19/2020