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Welcome Employers

OhioMeansSkills Communities are made up of multiple stakeholders and businesses committed to using skill scores to hire high-quality, qualified employees. The scores provide evidence of applicants’ skills and their ability to learn on the job.

Extensive research on nearly 20,000 occupations has identified applied mathematics, listening for understanding and reading for information as three foundational skills that are essential to success in most jobs. For that reason, several OhioMeansSkills Communities advocate the use of the following ACT WorkKeys® assessments: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. The recommended scores for these three tests appear with each job posting on

How do I start using skill-based hiring?  

Using skill-based hiring is free and easy.

  1. Familiarize yourself with skill scores. You can learn more about ACT WorkKeys® by visiting Your OhioMeansSkills Community may endorse other assessments, as well.
  2. Post job openings. To begin taking advantage of skill-based hiring, simply post jobs on Recommended skill scores will automatically be added to each posting.
  3. Review skill scores. Your OhioMeansSkills Community partners can provide guidance and answer questions if needed.
  4. Find your next employee. Search for candidates with the skill scores you need. Candidates also may submit their skill scores and resume to you from

Frequently Asked Questions