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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the recommended skill scores on postings come from? uses an autoscoring technology that incorporates WorkKeys® job profiles and O*NET codes to determine the skills necessary for each posted position.

What do the scores mean?

WorkKeys® scores range from Level 3 to Level 7, depending on the assessment. The higher the score, the better. For more information, see Understanding and Using Your WorkKeys® Skill Score.

What is a partner employer and how can I become one?  

Partner employer are employers who agree to use skill scores as part of their candidate recruitment and selection process. OhioMeansSkills Communities support partner employers by providing:

  • Recommended skill scores
  • Information about adding skill scores to job descriptions
  • Skill-focused language for job descriptions
  • Evaluation of workflow to support skill-based hiring

If you’re interested in becoming a partner employer, please fill out this short employer interest form.

Please note: The recommended estimated scores provided by OhioMeansSkills or presented on this site are based on the publicly available O*NET occupation database. The recommended estimated scores are provided to help employers use WorkKeys® as one aspect of evaluating candidates for hire and do not meet EEOC guidelines for requiring WorkKeys® scores in the hiring process. Employers interested in requiring WorkKeys® scores as part of their hiring may contact OhioMeansSkills for more information. The scores and other information provided should in no way be construed as providing a legal opinion concerning the usage of WorkKeys® in an employer’s hiring process.