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Welcome to OhioMeansSkills

OhioMeansSkills is a locally driven initiative to make it easier for employers to find workers with the skills they need. Participating employers use ACT WorkKeys® scores to identify qualified candidates, improve retention rates and reduce costs. Participating job seekers can gain credentials for skills they already have, easily access training to gain new skills, and target employers looking for those skills.

Click on your county to see if your area has an OhioMeansSkills Community:


Core characteristics of OhioMeansSkills Communities

Business Engagement: Businesses agree to consider ACT WorkKeys® scores in their hiring process.

Upskilling is readily available: Individuals have access to services that can improve their skills.

Network of assessment sites: Individuals can take assessments easily and at convenient locations.

OhioMeansJobs: Local centers and are critical partners in matching employers with workers.