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 Activities that Meet the Weekly Work Search Requirement for Unemployment Insurance (UI)  


Federal and state law requires individuals who are receiving unemployment benefits to actively search for suitable work each week that they file for benefits.  


How people search for work and secure employment in today‚Äôs labor market is different from how it was done in the past, due to advances in technology and changing labor markets.  Ohio requires unemployment claimants to meet their weekly active search for suitable work requirement by conducting two (2) work search activities each week and providing documentation/information about the work search activity on each weekly claim filed.  


Examples of acceptable work search activities include, but are not limited to the following:  



  • Making an application for work  
  • Submitting a resume to an employer  
  • Completing your Reemployment Services & Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) and/or Unemployment Compensation Reemployment Services (UCRS) activities assigned  
  • Creating and maintaining a reemployment plan in  
  • Completing a career profile in  
  • Attending a job fair  
  • Creating a personal user profile on a professional networking site  
  • Interviewing for work  
  • Attending a training   


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